Alertia Spot

Accurate Signals For Binance Spot Market

PLATFORM 3commas
TYPE Scalp

Alertia Spot Signals scans the markets 24/7 automatically for conservative trend signs to open a strong position. The unique strength of the product lies in the fact that the algorithms behind the signals are based on strategies designed by trading experts. These signals can potentially exceed a 98% winning rate.

Risk management is the key to trading. So, we urge you to apply appropriate risk management and leave 20 to 30 percent of your funds OUT of the bots to allow manual safety trades.

The plan is to work on the absolute minimum and maximum amounts of trades. So, it doesn’t matter if the deal size is too small. Let the bot opens at least 25 positions simultaneously (The ideal number is +35).

The signals’ target is at least a 1% profit. But you can manage this level depending on your risk-taking ability. Lower than 1% profit will close the positions more quickly. If you want to take a higher profit, you have to wait longer and take more risks. Potentially, you will use more safety orders to close the deals too. So we recommend setting the TP somewhere between 0.4% to 1.5%.

Also, consider that Binance charges a flat trading fee of 0.1%. So when you set the TP at 1%, it is actually 1.1%. If you want to get a 25% discount on the exchange fee, we suggest buying a small amount of Binance Coin (BNB) and leaving it on your account. In this way, you’ll pay 0.075% with BNB instead of 0.1%. You can also open a Binance account with this link to get an additional 10% kickback on your trading fees.

Our live tests show that some trailing deals may give you more profit. However, it depends on the market situation and the pair itself. Remember that closing a deal with trailing means putting a market order on the order book instead of a limit order.

The size of the safety order must be twice the base order. The maximum amount of safety orders should be set at 3. You can find the full settings on our sample bot templates. If required (rare cases), you need to manually add the fourth safe order at a minimum of 45% distance from the base order.

Trades take from several minutes to several days to close. Please don’t get rush to see the results, and remember patience is the key in trading. So you will see the profits as soon as possible.

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