Alertia Futures

Accurate Signals For Binance Futures Market

PLATFORM 3commas
TYPE Scalp

Alertia Futures is a multi-timeframe, multi-strategy trading algorithm using technical analysis. This signal is designed by trading experts to scalp high certainty movements on low timeframes. Together, this unique mix of trading intelligence makes Alertia Futures one of the most successful signals for the Binance Futures market.

Using a unique strategy to detect entries, the signal will look for small 0.3% or higher profit targets to scalp a directional momentum. By assessing the macro trend, the bot will only take long positions when it’s bullish and only short positions when it’s bearish.

This signal has been consistently backtested since September of 2020 with about 85-95% win-rate and +70% three-month profitability. As with any automated strategy, it does not account for black swan events or any similar situations.

Leverage should be kept low (1X to 4X) as the algorithm could temporarily go underwater. The signal is designed based on the DCA strategy, and it may use the same direction entries (also known as Safety Orders) up to three times before closing a deal. Any leverage higher than 4X significantly increases the risk of liquidation.

We only focus on pairs with the highest win-rate and higher profitability. To see the bot settings for each pair, please read ⟶ this document.

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